Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Walk in the Rain in Cluj-Napoca

Here are a few things I saw on my walk this morning.

There are a lot of bakeries on the street between my hotel and the university. I missed some lovely shots of people buying their breakfasts.

Across the street I spied these ladies.  I don't know if they are Rom, but they look like it.

The woman in back had a wonderfully colorful dress.

The city is full of Baroque buildings and has that wonderful flavor of Eastern Europe.

While I was waiting for 12:00 I changed money and then visited St Michal's the Catholic church in the square near the University.  There is a big statue of Mathew Corvin in front of the church, but it is being restored at the moment so I didn't get to see it.

Here is a photo of it from this site .

The entrance to St. Michael's has gothic styling (of course).

The holy water is in beautiful carved wooden founts.

Here is a Barock element in the middle of a Gothic church.

Here's a slightly closer view.
In places the plaster had been removed to show the original interior painting.

There's all kind of wrought iron work here. (especially on gates that lead to inner courtyards!)

This is another shot of St Michaels. The wires are very typical of the city and the way it allows technology to disrupt a beautiful picture.

I loved this graffito - "Welcome to the Hood!" (Indeed!)

This is not an uncommon sight (especially if there is unusual noise in the street.)

Plaza collect people who sit and chat. Everyone wears short black (leather-like but frequently not real leather) jackets. It's like James Dean is the national hero.

Here is a detail of the monument that these people were standing near with the royal eagle mounted on each corner.

Here is another shot of a street scene.

Next: The afternoon in the Botanical Garden.


Sam said...

To answer your question, yes the women in your photo (shot on Memorandumului Street) are real gypsies or "Rom" as you call them :)

Welcome to my city!

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Thank you, Sam. I want to be respectful and there are so many things I do not know.

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Sam, Your city is very beautiful. If you see a short woman in a long black raincoat wandering around the city center, you will know it is I! (grin!)