Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Saying Goodbye to Romania

The last day of the conference had come and I got up and took my last daylight walk to the University.

It was beautifully sunny. St Michael's positively glistened. Here is a shot of it with the so-called shot pillars commemorating the martyrs of the 1989 revolution.

This is the birth home of Matei Corvin in the daylight.

It was a good day with very interesting sessions.

Here were two presenters from Italy.

A third Italian presenter speaks with the conference organizer.

Here is the keynote speaker form Germany with his assistant.

The exhibition had been changed and represented a kind of Romeo and Juliet story between a Hungarian boy and a Romanian girl. (The images below are from the boy's side.)

Here is the Italian keynote speaker talking about Star Trek and Sociability.

At the end we had presentations on some of the publications of presenters.

When the session was over, it was dark and we saw the celebration by Hungarian citizens of the spontaneous 1956 revolution by Hungarians against the Soviets. The had lit candles in front of Matei Corvin's house and had a very very short rock concert.

We were able to visit Matei Corvin's house and garden which is now used by the Art school.

It is a very old building with a lovely garden in back. Unfortunately by battery wasn't really strong enough to capture the beauty of the garden.

On the wall outside near the restaurant where we had our goodbye dinner there was this homage to Janis without any explanation whatsoever. There was a Jazz Club across the street from the image, but we really couldn't tell why they had put up a picture of Janis.

We had dinner at the Matei Corvin restaurant across the street.

The meal was an excellent Hungarian affair with two kinds of meats and potatoes with polenta.

Then it was home to pack and get ready for the morning flight. Since my plane would leave at 5:50 in the morning it meant I had to get up by 4:30 to get to the airport in time. I had very little sleep but made it to the airport fine. The flight to Bucharest was less than an hour and then there was along wait in the Bucharest airport. I met a very interesting woman on the plane who coordinated the Romanian Paralympics. She was taking 3 men in a wheel chair and a man with a cane to Korea for the Paralympics table tennis tournament. We spent a little time together waiting and picked up some stuff at the grocery store in the airport.

This is the Paralympics coordinator and one of the team mates. Soon it was time to go through security once again and head on to Amsterdam.

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