Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Last Days in Romania

Since I went to Romania for work, I knew eventually I was going to have to settle down and go to my conference. Of course the weather turned gorgeous the moment the conference started, but I was a good girl and went to all my sessions. My paper was well received and even highly praised by the keynote speakers. I was very happy. Unfortunately with all the rain my lens started freezing up on me, so most of these are not in focus because the auto focus was catching. Here nonetheless are a few images from the first day of the conference.

So I walked over in the morning to Sapientia University.

The keynote speaker was excellent

And this Romanian photographer taught at the University and took even more pictures than I did.

Here he is with his assistant.

The other keynote speaker was from Milan. Here he is with the Italian contingent.

After the sessions we went in search of a cozy place to talk. This was supposedly a famous place but I didn't notice the name.

It was too crowded though, so we ended up in a place called Insomnia.

There was a piano player and singer, but it became too noisy to talk, so I went home and prepared for the next day.

On the way out I noticed the decoration of the entrance.

It had gotten a little cold and I hadn't brought a jacket, but I made it home safely and collapsed into bed!

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