Friday, 22 October 2010

A Night at the (Well You Know!)

On the way to the Opera house, I stopped to take pictures of some of the buildings. The Romanian square is surrounded by graceful buildings with absolutely gorgeous architectural details. Below (In no particular order, because Blogger has updated its system and won't let me download things in order) are some of the edifices that I saw. (Don't forget you can click on images to enlarge them if you want a better view of the details).

I used to be annoyed by wires and try very hard to take them out of pictures,but I have decided that they are a part of the technological environment,and should be considered a part of the image.

It was still rainy, but every so often there was a break in the weather.

The square has a statue of a Romanian leader. Maybe this is Iancu Avram who led the revolution of 1848 - I need to find out. At the bottom you can also see the eternal flame (or at least that is where it is).

I quite like the color and texture of the image below.

This is the Theotokus Orthodox Cathedral. It has striking Murano tile mosaics inside

The church is very dark and it is hard to photograph, but wikipedia has a few interior shots of the nave and mosaics.

My own attempts to captures interior images pale in comparison, (or rather darken!)

There was this huge chandelier, that was absolutely breathtaking.

Outside there were pigeons bathing and I couldn't resist a shot even though, they look the same as any pigeons anywhere.

Outside the Cathedral there is this Romanian monument I believe it is Iancu Avram.

This is another shot of the exterior.

And the square with a row of taxis.

This is a building near the opera house.

And this is the Romanian National Theater / opera house.

The inside is ornate - a cream colored wall with organic gilt designs.

A bit of proof that I am actually here.

And one last shot of the interior.

The opera was wonderful. Il Trovatore. It was beautifully sung.

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