Monday, 23 July 2007

What Does Best Mean?

Fun Monday host Willowtree asks us to choose a best friend - not our spouse or to list the TV character we find most annoying.

I've been thinking about this quite a lot. As far as friends go, it is very difficult to choose a best - each friendship is so different and involves different precious elements. I think of all the people who could be on my list and the reasons and I neither want to single them out nor suggest that one is more important than another. Don, Mindy, Lynn, Sandy, Melissa, Bart, Deja, Calleigh, Maureen, Elisabeth, Renate, Pia and Jim. These are a few that mean the world to me. Each being has a very special quality that makes me treasure him or her especially. I thought when I accepted this assignment that I would write something cute and flippant - but after much pondering decided to just be honest. I miss the friends who have left or who have died too soon: Linda, John, George. Cancer is a sneaky thief, who steals people away unfairly! And so I will let this blog topic remind me to let each and every dear friend still living know how much I appreciate him or her and the time I have had and will have with each.

The TV character that makes me most want to put my foot through the screen is Fran Drescher's - The Nanny - I can't stand the show! Sorry. (Love the accent - don't like the annoying mannerisms). Is this topic going to make us all lose blog friends? I also can't stand Horatio on CSI Miami - he is SO sanctimonious and smug! (I admit, sometimes I watch him just to see what sanctimonious thing he will say!!)


JennieBoo said...

Fran's voice is enough to make me want a lobotomy!

And your right Horatio is so damn smug! ugggghhh!

Happy Monday and stuff.....:D

Amy W said...

I am with you on Fran....she is utterly annoying.

Beccy said...

You seem to have a lot of special people around.

I'm glad you got a chance to remember those who have left you and the friendships you had with them.

the fourth person said...

Horatio: DITTO!

FRAN: LOVING HER!!!!! but it's ok if you don't.

neroli said...

I'm glad for your always, I learn from your example.
I'm sorry you had so many leave too soon---for one is one too many.

Tiggerlane said...

OMIGOSH!! I totally forgot the nanny! I HATED her! That voice! The only one who ever came close was that Janice girlfriend that Chandler had for a while on "Friends." guys are making me think of SO MANY characters on TV that I despise. Way to go! Good choice!

willowtree said...

So far David Caruso tops the Character I most hate list.

Pamela said...

that is so funny about the nanny and horatio

great choices

and you are correct about friends. It's always a good time to reflect on the ones that we miss so much.

theotherbear said...

AGGHHH - YES! I so agree on the Fran thing.

min said...

I too miss Linda Eastmann, George Harrison and John Lennon. I forgot to put them on my friends list.

You have many friends. That tells you something about yourself!

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Jennieboo - Happy MOnday (and Tuesday!!)

Amy W - Some body must have liked her - she was on forever!

Beccy - Over time one gets a collection!

Fouth Person - Sorry about Fran - glad she gives someone such pleasure.

Neroli - Yes, it can be hard.

TL - For some reason I liked that girlfriend of Chandler's!

WT - You have gtreat taste!!

Pamela - Yt is a difficuolt topic!!

Other bear - Yeah - just can't take it!!

Min - You are so connected. Guess I don't have any friends of my own!!

Fianna said...

I love watching Horatio and mocking his stupid lines. I will...laugh...jump off the couch, get into the smug pose and repeat his silly catchy smug phrase. I love CSI Vegas, but Miami is the absolute worst spinoff they could have came up with. David Caruso has always driven me crazy. He doesn't even get a pass because he is a fellow redhead. And that is saying something! HA!

ChrisB said...

I know I'm late but your post wasn't up when I looked yesterday and for some reason I didn't come back.
Anyway just want to say I thought yours was a very sweet post. I like your tribute to departed friends(Beatle?)! You are blessed with a lot of friends.

mjd said...

Oh yes, two excellent choices to hate, the smug Horatio Caine and the squeaky-voiced nanny.

Your words about friends are right on the mark. "Each being has a very special quality that makes me treasure him or her especially." and better yet "And so I will let this blog topic remind me to let each and every dear friend still living know how much I appreciate him or her and the time I have had and will have with each."

Rachel said...

I love CSI: Miami, but, I agree, Horatio is damn annoying!! And, gah, put those damn sunglasses down!

wolfbaby said...

Cancer is a sneaky thief.. i like your post;)

swamp witch said...

Happy Fun Monday...I mean Tuesday. Is it Tuesday already? Just now flying around to see what's going on...Great list of friends. I think I recognized a few of those names. Special people. Thanks for the reminder and how we all would appreciate them and the time we have had and will have with them.
Fran's laugh send me straight fact it makes me want a drink straight up. I've never watched CSI, but I'll take your word for it.

Kaytabug said...

How weird and freaky... I know a Renate and I have a Pia that is a very dear close friend of mine!! Crazy!

I have never watched Miami but the commercial preview things are more than enough for me to want to kick my foot thru the TV. I love watching the Nanny but her high nasal was annoying.. I can talk just like her but without the high nasal! It is my favorite accent to imitate!

Reading everyone’s posts yesterday made me think of all my dear close friends and how thankful I am that they are in my life. I have started letting them all know!