Wednesday, 25 July 2007

In Memoriam

Thank you all for assuming that I am close to greatness when you commented on the loss of the Beatles John and George (and Linda McCartney.) ...and indeed George and John were my two favorites of that group, despite the fact (I must confess) that I have always been a more intense Stones fan than Beatles afficionado. Nonetheless, I feel I must set the record straight as there are some beautiful people of whom I was writing who are now being shorted due to the fact that they have rather typical names that plug nicely into celebrity circles.

I therefore dedicate this post to the following people:


Linda was my best girl friend here in Minnesota. She was a noted ethnologist and psychologist in the area of sexual behavior(ism). She was opinionated, a strong woman and was never afraid to express her opinion - no matter how unpopular. What a wonderful role model for all women. She cared intensely for animals and although not religious, she said a blessing for each animal killed on the highway and worried greatly about the welfare of lab animals and the environment.


John was one of the kindest and gentlest souls I have ever known. He was extremely tall and a large man. He dwarfed me at my full height of five foot two inches by far more than a foot. He used to measure short people in Wendy inches. "That woman was even shorter than Wendy, by at least three inches!" he would say. He loved movies and knew every classic by name director and the most insignificant bit player. He was an attorney who defended inmates who had been brought up on charges in prison, and he did so, because very few other people were willing to do so. His mind was super sharp and he loved to analyze chess games! He was as terrible driver as he was a brilliant thinker! I miss both of those characteristics!


George was an ardent photographer and advocate for the underdog. Even though he had a wandering eye (amblyopia) and could not see three dimensionally, he loved to take nature pictures.

Over the years he presented me with hundreds of gorgeous photos of the wild life of Texas, from wild birds to alligators.

George was my first real boyfriend and was devoted and loyal even after we had both moved on to other people. We spent many happy hours together in the dark room over the years and he even took the pictures for my wedding.

He was gentle and kind, but easily angered when an innocent person was being taken advantage of and then he was off to right that wrong immediately. When he was dying of bone cancer he continued to work in an elder home and take care of others instead of asking to be cared for himself.

I miss all these people terribly (and I miss them much more than famous singers and heiresses! They are every bit as important and every bit as loved. )


neroli said...

Artist, thank you for writing so eloquently about how our affiliation and love for those we don't have with us any longer always remain, and somehow make us a person more like those that we loved.
And thank you for sharing a wedding photo with us---you both look so wonderfully happy! I_love_that you wore red!
(So did I :-)! )

laurie said...

i am so sorry for your losses.
and i liked this post, sad as it was.
we can all relate.

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Neroli, Of course you did!~ I knew it!!

Laurie - Your words means a lot to me - thank you for your response.

min said...

I wish you had a picture of George. I remember both him and John well. I only knew Linda from the things you told me about her and know that her loss was difficult.
Very nice tribute.

Pamela said...

it was a nice post on fun monday..and I'm happy you chose to share the faces and something about each one.

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Min, I have lots of pictures of George since we went on lots of photoshoots together, but somehow coulden't put my hands on one yesterday. I'll find one and get it onto the blog.

Pamela - I guess we live on in the consciousnes of others.

ChrisB said...

This is a wonderful tribute to your friends.