Friday, 27 July 2007

Art Car Parade part Two

Here is part Two of the Art Car Parade with more pictures of some of the amazing cars!!

The most spectacular cars have been chronicled on other photo sites and blogs, but there are some other cars that were so creative and fun and deserve special mention! In this photo taken by my mother Lynn, you can see a very colorful car:

I believe it is Patty and Dean Raeker's Chinese New Year Good Luck, Good Fortune car!

Here are the Zombie and padfoot captured by my Mom

This is Claire. She has a lot of things glued on,

I especially love the silicon glue tubes which look like gun turrets on the front sides and the eye balls on the bumper!

My Mom captured this street scene

and also this bystander (or perhaps art car artist) with the most awesome belt of all time!

Here is more of my entourage standing in front of da Kuntry pedlur

and Jan Elftmann, the Mother of the Art Car Parade (She has the cork truck - can you tell?)

This car focuses on the loss of the polar bear.

I believe this one is called the Vdub in Studs . The guy said his other car broke down so he had to bring this one instead.

Here is a better look at Pam and Rich Molden's Da Kuntry Pedlur.

Here's the nationally famous Camera Van (Yes the cameras work)

These "women" helped with crowd control.

This huge dog puppet was pulled on a wagon behind the Turf mobile,

...and here is the House of Balls entry.

Some of the art cars weren't cars, but bikes, like Gus Fenton's Tiki bar bike.

We got to get a closer look at some of the cars afterwards in the Intermedia Arts parking lot.

Anne Chenette named her car after a Shakespeare monologue.

Sorry, I don't know the name of this entry!

Here is Ainishinable whch had lovely Mayan (I think) style figures on the hood and sides.

This is the wind Up car .

And no parade is complete without the Roller Derby Girls!

This is my favorite car of the parade! (I can't help it! They did a lot of work to get it exact!!)

The sign on the back says, "Yes, everything really works!" I'm glad to know we'll be safe from the Sta-Puff marshmallow man!

Who ya gonna call?

The detail was amazing!

The dash board even had a model of the car.

Here are a few links to other websites about the Art Cars.
First this goes back to my first art car post.

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laurie said...

your enthusiasm is contagious!

i am giving you the thoughtful blogger award. congratulations. see details on my blog, or go here:


Beccy said...

Wow, all those cars are amazing, people must put so many hours/weeks/months into decorating their cars.

neroli said...

Thanks so much for taking us to the parade!
I really, really do covet The Cork's monkey umbrella.

ChrisB said...

These are all amazing cars I wouldn't want to choose a winner!!

ChrisB said...

Ps I meant to say congratulations on the award :)

Pamela said...

I can't believe it. My hubby won't even let me put a sticker on the bumper.

susan said...

So do people drive these around? I've never in my life seen one and I'm sure I would've noticed one! They are so kewl!!

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Thanks, Laurie - that is sweet and it is my first award!!

Beccy - Yes - I shorted my poor Mom on time trying to get the car ready!

Neroli - Next time I talk to Jan I'll ask her where she found it!

ChrisB - I didn't stay around to see if they did that!!

Pamela - My husband didn't want me to attach anything either - The head dress is magnetic but I glued the pearls and diamonds on anyway!!

Susan - some of them DO get every day use s-me are hidden most of the year! It depends on where you hang out, You have a better chance of seeing them in Houston or Minneapolis!

laurie said...

i see art cars in minneapolis all the time. but usually not with baby seats glued to the top. that would probably stop traffic....

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

I'm just diggin the granny in the white go-go boots and body hugging leopard print outfit. ROFLMAO. Go Granny!


The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

TLG - You did catch my quoyaytion marks, right? Those Grannies have a little something extra!

Dewey Setlak said...

This activity is a brilliant idea! It’s a good way of making the public much more aware of the different car models that we’ve had throughout history, and showcasing the artistic side of car owners. I hope more activities like this are implemented; it is a good way of fostering friendly ties among people in the community.

Sebastian Gaydos said...

Wow! All of the cars look wonderful in their own way. I’m sure the owner of each and every car put in a lot of effort in decorating their cars. And from the looks of it, everybody had a blast in the parade. And that 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor turned Ghostbuster car definitely looks awesome! I wish I had been there! I would have drooled all over it! Haha!

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Sorry, no subarus, Sebastian, but if it is any comfort, my spouse and I both drive subarus now, so our next art car might well be one!

Erwin Calverley said...

This art car parade is just awesome! It’s as if you will see all of the cutest and coolest cars in the planet! Haha! It’s great because even the people there joined in with the event’s theme. They all look fantastic! It’s hard for you to decide what the best is! :p

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Thanks for visiting Erwin! I bet you get to see a lot of potential art cars in your line of work!