Monday, 16 July 2012

My Garden Plans

So I've been redoing my yard a bit as I adjust gardens and move things around.

Here is the basic plan:

I'll now try to include pictures of some of the various gardens labeled above.

Garden A :
This garden lines the south side of the driveway. It is a very long gardenscape and consists of alternating hostas, iris and day lilies with some dusty miller (and this year some white petunias interspersed between the perennials.

Garden B: North side of the yard and drive. It is also very long (This is the Eastern and shaded part - but it stretches all the way down to the end of the drive.)

Garden C (The East part of the Drive garden):

Here is a shot of the whole garden. (And you can see the driveway in the background.)

 Garden D:  These are early Spring pictures, but at least it gives a sense of what is there:

Garden E:

This is the shade garden in the front of the house (There are also a bunch of annuals I bought in front so this isn't a terribly accurate image.


Here is a shot during the golden hour.

 Garden F: One of the weakest. It is very shady on the west side of the house and in the past nothing much has wanted to grow there. I finally decided to put in some hostas and ferns and they are slowly beginning to take hold:


Garden G: This is what we call the Tiergarden. It has four levels or tiers and each is slightly different (although the strawberries seem to have taken over the middle two tiers. There are pink day lilies of differing kinds in each of the four tiers. The bottom tier is the best looking at present and the top has many variegated Heliochrysus and some cat mint.

This is the bottom level of the Tiergarden. 

And one more shot of the entire Tiergarden:

 Garden H: The Pink garden on the west side of the lawn.  Unfortunately the rose and several other perennials have stopped blooming and the mums and phlox have not yet begun to bloom. This is not its most exciting moment!

Garden I: (The Japanese lantern garden):

Garden J: The south side of the house. I had to redo this garden because they dug up the oil tank right there.

 Garden K:  This is the east side of the house - It tends to be extremely dry and it has taken me a long time to find anything that would grow here. (Basically I started with the red and burgundy iris that were overrunning the driveway because I didn't care if I lost them and then added sedum. Yesterday I added soemwhite petunias and so far all is well in the garden.

 Garden L: A non-exciting garden at the front of the house in deep shade.  It has hostas, epimedium and ferns.

Garden M: Japanese garden (with pump Garden in front):


Here is the Japanese style garden with the Oribe lantern.

This is gardens N (left) and Q (right) from a distance.

 Garden O : From a distance (which also gives a sense of the scale of the yard.) It is hiding behind the pear trees.

Garden P: The peonies. I've ignored this garden and at some point will redo it, but for now it is low on the list.

 Garden R: This is the newest and smallest garden. There was an oak that got hit in a storm and so we have made a bed in the mound left by the tree. I hope the plants will grow and not be disturbed by toxins from the oak. I want to add a retaining wall around it since it is mounded.

Garden S:
I am not going to include the rectangular vegetable garden, but in the back is a forgotten (as in neglected Yellow garden.) It is wild, but still blooms as you can see in this recent photo:

Garden T:  The woodland  Garden based on a magazine picture. It is supposed to have spires of white (Sangisorba), ruby gallardia, silver echinops, lambs ear and pinks. I've added a near white daylily, but somehow the garden has never quite come together (and I can't keep the Gallardia alive.

Herb Garden (V?)
Unlabelled (because it is off the map on the west).


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