Sunday, 1 July 2012

Before and After Paint Jobs

I always forget to take pictures of how bad things look before I fix them. This is something I really should do, as things usually don't look that great after I "fix" them, so people would be a lot more impressed with my work if they could see the improvement as opposed to just eyeballing the final product. Anyway, I've been engaged in a variety of repair and paint projects this June (The ceiling already having been mentioned.)

Here are some of the painting projects. I wish I had taken a picture of this before I started the patch job. You could actually see through to the downstairs utility room! There was also an area of unpainted  wall where the commode sized heater cabinet had been.  Here you can see where I fitted the sheet rock in to fill the hole and put an initial layer of paint over the place where the heater had been.

I still need to replace the baseboard (as in buy some new baseboard), but after a bit of painting and sanding you can barely see the old wounds to the wall.)

Of course it is disguised by a rigged up (as in not a genuine piece of furniture at this time) phone stand anyway, but it makes me feel a lot less like trailer trash to have the wall sealed and painted.

The cords are still a problem, but aren't quite as noticeable and by installing a tiny little shelf next to the cabinet for the router I now have more counter space near the sink.

Because we had baseboard radiators along the whole perimeter of the house before we got geothermal, they all got yanked out and all the walls now look like this:

Of course the painted part is crusty with old drips where stuff flowed down into the radiator cracks, so I have had to sand the walls as well as prime the parts that have never really been painted.  Then everything gets repainted and (eventually) I will get to the hardware store to get some new baseboards.

So far I have only managed to do the living room and even without the right sized baseboards, this is a big improvement. And that reminds me - it is time to get back to work on the basement ceilings! I do want eventually to be during my life time!

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