Sunday, 1 July 2012

Berry Good Garden

 So with all he rain we have been getting the berries are taking over. My front garden has turned into a berry patch and as much as I would like to reclaim it for the flowers, I can't see turning down good food!

It has been dry for about 10 days, so I finally had to water the side garden in the east where I planted the new trees. There is not much change here, but the annuals are sparkling things up a bit.

The other newer garden is also doing well. After they installed the geo-thermal system, this bed had to be completely redone (as they dug the area up to remove the oil tank). Of course what happened was a lot of misplaced plants ended up in this bed including four day lilies of unknown colors. It seems they are orange and red (at least thus far.)

Eventually I'll probably try to unify the colors a bit. There are some Icelandic poppies at the bottom left corner along with some marigolds and they match the day lilies nicely. I'm once again optimistic that maybe the poppies will reseed and return in a new season, but of course this has never yet happened (despite my repeated attempts to encourage them to settle in for the long term). I do very much enjoy these perky little plants (even though some of the flowers are orange!) There are cosmos  that reseeded from last year and their purplish pink will probably not go well with the brighter warm reds of the day lilies and other flowers.

The tier garden is erupting into blossom. More day lilies and the variegated false sun flower that return annually are looking good.

The front garden (that has been invaded by the berries) has been bisected by the berry bushes. The part nearer the house has some nice lilies blooming. (These are safer from the deer than lilies that are farther from the house, but sometimes I still have casualties.)

The red is yet another attempt at growing roses up here. I refuse to "tip" them in the winter, but really miss the beautiful roses we used to have in Texas. Wild roses do well, but I long for floribunda and hybrid roses, so I have bought yet one more patent rose that is reputedly appropriate for our environment. This one is idealistically named Hope for Humanity. It is gorgeous and has a sweet aroma.

Best of all it has multiple layers of petals.

So that is the current state of the garden. I leave you with another shot at hope for humanity!

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