Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Universe is Calling

Sometimes the universe can be so cruel and other times it is gentle and loving. Not too long ago I got an upbraiding from someone I "met" on the internet and I went crying to my spousal unit, who characteristically (in his oh so laconic way) said that perhaps it was the universe sending me a wake up call. This caused me to reexamine my eating habits, health practices, and sedentary ways and has sent me on the road to taking better care of myself.

Today I got another call, but it was a loving nudge at a time when I really needed it. My thyroid and hormones are definitely off-kilter and stress has caused me to feel extremely tired. Last night I had had great difficulty staying asleep and when I awoke this morning it was -4 Fahrenheit (-20 Centigrade) outside and although I had been in bed almost 9 hours, I felt completely exhausted and I was having a horrible time dragging myself out of bed. Seriously, as sad as it sounds, I was lying there telling myself, "You really are going to put a foot on the floor and stand up." (over and over again).  I kept thinking about my long list of things I had to do today, fill out travel receipt requests, clean out the hall closet, pay bills, vacuum, write to some friends in Germany to whom I owe letters, readjust some syllabi that refuse to accept proper ordering, etc.

So, I finally staggered out of bed and had barely pulled on my pants, when there was a knock at the door. (Yes, the universe was calling).

The postal carrier had brought me a package.

Remember those friends in Germany I had to write? Well, one of them had promised to send me a pair of socks she had knit for me. That was something worth getting up for! I was thinking that maybe they had arrived. The package was too light to be my grapefruit order, and it certainly was from Germany, but it was far too large to be a pair of hand-made socks. Now I felt curiosity and delight. Upon opening I discovered a variety of holiday gifts in brightly colored paper.

My friend Heike had outdone herself and sent far more than the promised socks. Look at all the amazing things I received and at a time when I was struggling. Smiling is one of the best defenses against stress and high levels of stress hormones, and oh how I smiled!

New years are a time for review and renewal, and I had certainly been sent a reminder from the universe about how important friends are.

I feel so much better now, so its off to accomplish the things on my list. But I am going to rearrange my priorities! Is it really important to have an orderly hall closet or a dirt free floor? l think I'll have a cup of tea and write those people in Germany first! Then we'll see. I've got a new hat and warm socks! Maybe I'll go out and play in the snow! Thank you Heike!


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