Sunday, 10 January 2016

Afghan for Mom also Off the Needles!

A million years ago my family members (my sisters in particular) started a knitting project to give to my Mom for her borthday (I think).  We bought some Noro Kureyon that we loved that had popular colors for the time of turquooise, burgundy and mustard. (See it was a REALLY long time ago!!) Each sister took a different solid color to add to the variegated Noro squares and was supposed to produce enough squares to make a nice warm afghan. Even my spousal unit learned to knit and picked up needles to do a square or two.

Well, we got sidetracked (for years) and although the topic caem up repeatedly we never seemed to get going on it agian until this year when my enterprising sister decided, like it or not, we were going to finish the afghan. We were all commanded to put everything else aside and knit squares.

Amazingly enough we did ity and even finished weaving in the ends in time to give it as a holiday gift.  YOu can't really tell, but each square has a pattern or motif from Barbara Walker's pattern books.  Here is the finished item:

And here is Mom with her gift.

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