Sunday, 30 August 2015

Just a Couple of Redheads

So this blog is going to focus on things that are red on top. Like these flowers in my garden:I replaced the birds nest spruce that didn't make it with a miniature rose that is supposed to be hardy in our climate. I have my doubts (I seem to kill all my roses - but I refuse to "tip" them as is the custom here - which means  digging a hole and burying them on their sides for the winter. I guess the price of laziness is death, but I will try and mulch these real well and try to pull them through.

The long awaited answer to the color of my new clematis is in and the answer is burgundy purplish.


It sems to be a miniature clematis and is full of buds all at the top of the plant. It isn't exactly what I expected, but this means I'll want to find a taller plant to put in front of it next year.

I dreamed of fields of poppies when I bought two packs of flower seeds with my Mom last June. Well, I've managed to get one  at a time thrice - not exactly a field, but it is better than my prior record. One pack is pink and the other orange. Still, I'm thrilled I have a 300% improvement over prior years!


Here is a different redhead. I had been thinking the red squirrels were the ones destroying my birdfeeder by gnawing away the palstic so the seeds would run out into the garden.  Looks like I was wrong! It just shows my prejudice against squirrels.

So I have been visiting my docotr, who is not happy with my weight and my helath. I won't go into it here, but he has transferred hi sdispleasure to me, because now I don't get to eat any sugar or caffeine and I have been commanded to lose weight and experience less stress. (How does telling someone that they are severely threatening her helth help her reduce stress, she wonders!) So I have gone back to meditating and dusted off the old Tai Chi dvd and have begun an exercise program of awlking at least one dog every night. But what has made me feel best of all is that tried and true femalle dictum of when you don't feel happy with yourself, change your hair. So I ordered the henna, slathered my head in moldy smelling mud and and sat in a shower cap while I worked and voilÄ some 3 hours and countless rinsings later a very, very red-headed AFKAPW!

I can feel the pounds melting away already! ;-)

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