Monday, 10 August 2015

A Celebration in Chicago

My fabulous sister treated me to a pampered weekend in Chicago because I had a big birthday this year! I drove several hours to get there and she flew in to meet me and we got there at exactly the same time! On the way in I caught a glimpse of the famous city skyline.

We had a wonderful time. The city is very exciting and has much architectural history to recommend it.

We went to a lovely hotel called the Ivy Boutique Hotel. This is the lobby.

We had both a sitting area and a sleeping chamber. 

It was very elegant, with clean lines and nice controlled use of color. The bedroom was very restful.

The shower had a rain shower head and was stark and bare with strong textural detail.


 This is the view out of our window. That is the lake way down in the background


I liked the style although the maid service could have been better and I was hoping for a jacuzzi. We immediately went up to the terrace bar and had some lovely celebration drinks.

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