Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Walk down Michigan Avenue

We headed out to our morning tour by walking down Michigan avenue. There were all these horse models dedicated to the police, probably painted by different artists and civic groups. (We have Charlie Brown characters in Minneapolis and St. Paul and I've seen cows in Houston and other things elsewhere).

Every nook has beautiful Victorian ornamentation.

Of course there are lots of more modern buildings too.

The Union Carbide Building has gorgeous deco metallic detailing.

I don't have some of the beautiful  parts of the building including the decoration above the door and at the top of the building. Please go visit e-five's blog about his architectural tour for more beatuiful photos like these two he has of the building:


The ornament on the buildings is gorgeous!

Here is a close up.

It was great to see the Art Institute again! We used to go there when we were kids.

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