Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sundry Museum Images

I want to get these pictures up, but don't have the energy to write much about them for now. There were just so many beautiful things in the museum that I hate to skip over anything!

 Unfortunately these lovely chess figures are out of focus, but you can see the tradition is long and honored.

This display on metal working had an amazing video on how the traditional silver jewelry is made. It is gorgeous -the result of a long, painstaking process.

After covering the first 1000 years pretty carefully, the 20 th centruy was portrayed on a kind of carousel of kitsch.

The museum highlighted the age of the single photobooth as the transition into modern times and away from family, group and tradition.

The museum also suggested that Iceland had had a dearth of 20th century artists and highlighted this plastic (transparent) dress as the beginning in that direction.

And that brings me to the textiles!

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