Thursday, 23 May 2013

Can Spring really have arrived?

I've been gently reminded that I have not blogged for awhile and so I thought I would post a couple of quick pictures to send a flavor of my world. I have been extremely busy with work and the light has finally started to shine forth from the end of the tunnel (just about the same time as the weather has finally agreed to  resemble Spring). (Of course if you had asked me yesterday I would have told you that Spring had decided not to visit us this year. I was so cold that I had to turn on the heat and I actually slept in long underwear last night (something I am loathe to do even on the coldest nights of winter!) Today (at last) it is sunny and almost warm and the plants in the yard have finally decided to come out of hiding. Even the warblers are starting to arrive.

Of course the first flowers to really go on display are the weeds. As you can see they have more than a foothold on our yard.

We owe the German emigrants a debt of something for bringing their beloved dandelions over from Europe. Alas, we try to combat them, but as you can see we are losing the battle.

Even the lawn mower doesn't manage to make a dent in them, so short of a neutron bomb, I think we are pretty much stuck with them. On the more pleasant side of things (and the house) there is however this to look at. I am so glad I decided to get those Japanese lanterns. I have a feeling of peace and comfort when I look at them and remember the beautiful gardens of Japan.

Oh and one more thing. It is road trip time of year - so I hope to be posting some travel blogs pretty soon.  Of course the destination I chose is rainy, windy and cold right now (go figure!) so look forward to hearing more complaining about the weathe. What is a vacation, if not the chance to realize how much you like the place you complain about all the rest of the year?

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