Saturday, 25 May 2013

On My Way To Iceland

Here are a few photos of the trip to Iceland. Of course itwas cloudy for most of the trip, but just over Greenland there was a break in the clouds and you could see the mountains and the snow.

Then it was cloudy again for a long time and when we descended there was a minimal view of Iceland through the fog.


Our shuttle took us  through the lava fields which were strangely sterile and craggy things, but then turned into fields of stones covered in moss, thus lush and barren at the same time.

It is drizzling, but I took a long walk waiting for my room to be ready for me.  The streets were absolutely desserted (probably because it is a Saturday morning - but it was a strange feeling to walk alone through Reykjavik's streets.

Of course I went to see the famous Hallgrimskirk  very nordic and stark - quite a no-nonsense place.

That's Leifur Erickson in front - they guy that discovered America.  Now I'm back in my room - it's tiny, but very clean and hospitable. The skies are clearing a bit and I'm torn between taking a (really long) nap and heading out again.

Which will it be?

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