Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Happy Days in Lichtenfels

So,  I arrived in Lichtenfels on Monday afternoon and we  walked over the Burgberg to Zehntweg which is my second home in Germany.  Here is a picture f the further preparation of the Nusstorte that was our celebration.

Frau gareis is a skilled cook and baker, an avid collector of sayings and aphorisms and a spirited woman with many strong opinions. Her home is much as I remember it, comfortable and the perfect picture of that untranslatable German word gemütlich.

The garden is as beautiful as always and has Japanese lantern just like ours.

Here is a shot of the house from the front. Ivy covered and welcoming.

We went down into town to go shopping and I admired the old buildings.

Unfortunately the town seems to be dying. Everything ismoving out f the city senter into a nearby shopping Zentrum and while other small towns in the area have done a good job of making the best of their advantages. Lichtenfels, the basket city, no longer has its craftworks, and is no longer the central train hub that made it so important in earlier years.

We passed by the old fortress and medieval city wall, but unfortunately everything is locked up now and uninviting.

There are some lovely examples of the Fachwerk building style in the area and I took a few pictures here and there.

This is the city center and it is pretty much as I remember it.

The Rathaus is on the market square which has been turned into a childrens playground.

You can see one of the city gartes at the end of the street up the road.

Here is another one.

When walking around we passed by one of those mechanical mimes all dressed in shiny gold!

We ran our errands and went to the butcher and baker.

And then we headed home.

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