Sunday, 16 September 2012

Visit from Some Family Renaissance Festival Part Un

My Mom and Sister came to visit last week and we had a wonderful time!  They flew into Minneapolis and we arranged to spend the night in Shakopee and then visit the Renaissance Festival on the next day. Here are a few pictures from our time at the Faire. I am fascinated by all the beautiful costumes at the Fair and someday would like to do a blog just on the lavish clothing.

We decided  to start off with a show, and on the way, we passed the belly dancers.

We ended up over at the Bakery Stage to see our favorite knife throwers and jugglers.  Mick (also known as Bald Guy) did his yo-yo tricks for us while Reynaldo's Ninja (also known as Other Guy) watched with gravity.

SUD (Spousal Unit D - notice that is SUD and NOT DUD) took a much better picture with Reynaldo also in the shot.

Somehow he decided I was angry with him (we'd had a slight disagreement about parking) so he paid a guy to insult him in the hopes that it would mollify me. Then  he made the fatal error of paying the guy to compliment me and that embarrassed me so much that I didn't want to speak to him for the rest of the morning!

Here are some pictures of the family.

My sister and spousal unit did some shopping at the bronze booth.

Look at how happy she is! They refurbished a henin she had bought from them many years ago (I wish I had taken a before and after picture! It was an amazing difference between the blackened and dingy piece she gave them and the shiny, beautiful brass piece that they handed back to her.)
My mom (often called Glam Clooney) had been fitted out with a ruddy steed that she rode skillfully throughout the day.

I am fascinated by the anachronisms of the Fair - people texting in full musketeer outfits. Belly dancers on cell phones and of course the one that I share the most in common with: Courtiers with big fancy cameras.

We managed to see a part of the parade on our way to see our next show. The Elizabethan Singers have the most gorgeous wardrobes.

And they also have voices to match. I love hearing them perform madrigals or other Renaissance pieces with multiple voice parts.

Hmm and the guy in silver seems to have found a different young lady here. I'm going to have to keep my eye on him!

 Naturally bringing up the rear is the king and queen.

It was a really dusty day as you can see from the cloud kicked up by the horse.

I seem to be out of space for photos, so I will end this post here for the nonce.

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