Thursday, 27 September 2012

Milwaukee Film and History Conference 2012

I headed off for Milwaukee after my afternoon class. I am attending a conference on Film and History and decided to drive rather than fly. I had a wonderful time looking at the beautiful fall colors. Evidently they have been getting more rain in Wisconsin than we have in MInnesota. I made the mistake of getting off to get gas in Watertown and ended up driving around a poorly labelled strip center looking for gas and then got lost in downtown Milwaukee, but eventually made it to the hotel. The Hyatt is nicely furnished but annoyed me greatly by charging 25$ a day for parking.

My carpet is stained, so the room doesn't feel clean and pristine, but I do like the color scheme of the decor.

It is minimalist and has an almost zen feel to it. Peaceful with a good firm mattress.

The bathroom has nice art and follows the decor of the main room.

There is a nice view of the city outside of the window.

There is a syrong German influence here with many German eateries and of course lots of buildings that have to do with beer.

 The hotel has the usual Hyatt interior wth a large metal hanging sculpture and the famous glass elevators so you can appreciate the view from above.

Unfortunately I overslept this morning and missed the first session, but all the other presentations were very illuminating and worthwhile. Here is a shot from one of my sessions.

The evening was spent with an old friend doing trivia. (I am sad to say I contributed to nothing but a wrong answer about the color of Italian fascist's shirts. (They weren't brown! ;-(   .  )

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