Sunday, 16 September 2012

Renaissance Festival With My Mom and Sister Part Zwei

Snot and puke were funny as usual.  They told their same old jokes, but also added a few barbs at local politicians and celebrities.

They have broad appeal. Look at who was in the row behind us.

After Snot and Puke, DCA went to have her cards read by Lady Karen. Lady Karen is a wonderful reader and I think she sized things up very well.

The cards said that my sister was thinking about a change, that she was at a decision point but tired of what she is doing and that she is looking for alternatives. She said that others see my sister as having the world and wonder how she could be dissatisfied.

They also showed her juggling finances at the moment and headed for a period of introspection and decision.

After the card reading, we headed over to the hair braiders. This is a bit of a tradition in my family. DCA has the most beautiful, long, long hair.

She chose her design out of the book and promptly discovered her hair was too long for that style, so she settled on some kind of princess design.  She got the one male braider in the outfit and he turned out to be a very interesting guy, who had lived in Austin Texas and travelled around the US quite a bit.

We chatted a bit as he worked, but luckily he wasn't easily distracted, because he did a beautiful job!

Here is a view from the side/back.

After the hair braiding it was time to think about food. We had tickets for the feast of fantasy, so we walked off towards Bad Manor, but of course there were interesting things to see along the way.  Thi sFaun was sitting on a rock near the privies.


She had a lovely, shy personality and a long tail.

When we reached Bad Manor there were already revelers lined up in preparation for the feast. 

After a short wait, we were serenaded by singers 

and trompeters...

...and then our hosts Lazlo and Jim came out to welcome us in. 

(I'll write about the Feast of Fantasy in my next blog.)

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