Wednesday, 22 June 2011

On the Edge

Okay, the shawl is in stasis right now because the designer decided to give it the edging from hell. Okay, maybe it's not that bad and I should not have bound off before doing the edging, but I'm just not used to having to think backwards when I'm reading the purl row of a pattern. The first attempt seemed too large, so I went down a needle size, but of course now it isn't repeating at the same interval as the motives in the original pattern which means even more fiddly repeats if I continue with this edging. Here is what it looks like thus far:

You can really see how very little I've gotten in my two days of struggling with the pattern. I'm sure it will get esier, but it isn't the kind of pattern you can easily memorize and the numbers of stitches changes with each row, so it is also hard to check for mistakes.

If worse comes to worse I'll rip this back and just crochet a simple chained edging or put on a much simpler knit one.

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