Monday, 20 June 2011

Homely Updates

Okay, (she says sheepishly) every so often (like most everybody) I let my materialistic desires get the best of me. When spousal unit D and I went looking for a cabinet for our exotic Japanese style tea pots, I just happened to see this rug hanging in the clearance section. It had been discontinued and honestly I believe it had been discontinued so long ago, that they had given up on ever selling it. The tag hung there almost desperately. There were numerous indications of price reductions done in that peculiar way where there is a sum and then a line drawn through it to indicate a major price drop. The first crossed out number was followed by yet another with a line through it and then yet another and another. At the bottom there was nothing below the last crossed out number. Now you might wonder what kind of rug is so ugly that no one would want to buy it. Well, telling you that it is orange and blue might ease you into an understanding and adding that it also has yellow, green, purple and black in semi-psychadelic geometric shapes will drive the comprehension home. And yes, nonetheless, something about this rabidly colorful, noticeably out of style rug called to me and I knew right then and there, I had to have it!

In a way it has transformed our living room( and I think not in an altogether bad way). In fact, I am quite enjoying the additional color. So without further ado, I introduce the recently acquired rug in its new home:

And as far as the most recent knitting project, I'm binding off and am less than halfway around (and there is an edging still to be knitted and attached, so there will be no new project for awhile.)

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