Sunday, 1 May 2011


Okay, here's what I scored at the Yarnover. (I tried to restrain myself, but I did do a little shopping!)

The first place I went had really cool jewelry. I was enthused. I only had 15 minutes to shop before my class, so I power shopped all this really great stuff!

I'm a pushover for fused glass. .. and look at these sweet earrings!

It turned out the artist lived in St. Cloud and is the wife of a colleague! Small world! After classes we had another 45 minutes of shopping time, so I raced through the crowded market and scored these adorable little wooden tops.

I looked at the woman who sold them to me and realized she was in my spinning guild (in St. Cloud!) I knew I'd better find some "foreigner" to spend money with or I would feel guilty for bothering to come! (Not really but it is a great excuse to spend money, right?)

I had noticed a gorgeous red yarn before my second class and decided if it were still there when I got through with my twined knitting I would go back and adopt it.

I was almost seduced by some bright green yarn instead, but the beauty of the red was too big a draw. My door prize was a couple of odd balls of yarn:

I think it was a pretty good haul!

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