Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Playing Around with Twined Knitting

Okay, In the late evenings just before bed, I've been playing around a bit with the twined knitting technique that I learned in class. I didn't like the mistake in the middle of my reversible scarf . (You may remember it looked like this):

Well, I decided to rip it out. One of the problems that occurs with the twined back and forth knitting is a tendency to curl. L. Farson had added a knit/knit row every so often in one swatch that created a horizontal line across the pattern and it stopped the curling, but I wasn't crazy with the effect. decided to see what else could be done. Here is my first attempt - a completely reversible pattern that involves a kind of 4 stitch basket weave.

As you can see the two different sides look very similar (although the zigzags are straight on the back and vice versa).

I like the original effect better, but I have certainly learned something form trying this combinaton of stitches.

I also picked up a much finer yarn and decided to see what little tiny twined knitting would do. Using gosamer /fine lace weight on size 7 (!!!!) needles, I produced a pliable fabric that looks like this.

I reversed the wrapping midway through in the hopes that I would get a mirror image design. On the "front" it is barely noticeable. Halfway through I reversed all the wraps on the back to see how the pattern would change. On the reverse side you can notce just a bit that instead of dong a herring bone I now have columns of vertical hash marks that form diagonals across the fabric. It is very subtle, but it is there.

Here is a slightly larger view that shows the three different (barely) patterns. The bottom third is garter stitch for an edge, the next third has a herring bone effect and the last third has the diagonals.

Of course I've got some more ideas coming, so stay tuned!!

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