Friday, 27 May 2011

Off to Delaware

It was a bit rainy our first day on the road, but the trip went well and we were able to drive into Ohio before stopping for the night. We found a great deal on a hotel and it was inexpensive but still had a pool, a whirlpool a refrigerator and everything one could want in a hotel room.

Our neighbor had an interesting car. Not only was it riddled with phony bullet holes, (paste on type ones) but it had a whole bunch of antennae!

The next day was short and except for a tiny bit of rain went well. We arrived in the late afternoon. The next day we met with Aunt Pauline at her beautiful house.

The decor was amazing and the setting also gorgeous. Aunt Pauline showed us around. Here she is on her back deck.

Aunt Pauline was a designer in New York and it showed in her home. She used to visit the theater quite a bit and she has decorated the bath room with the play bills she collected over the years. What a sentimental journey to go in and look at all the stars from Broadway. (Click on an image to enlarge and see some of the many famous people represented.)

It was great to see Katherine Hepburn, Zero Mostel, Ingrid Bergman, Barbra Streisand, Rosalind Russell and so many others that we have loved over the years.

We went to a delightful Asian Fusion restaurant called Nectar.

It had a lovely decor that featured a lot of Orange. It also had a huge screen with an image of Buddha above the bar.

This is a view from the opposite end of the room.

We had a marvelous time chatting with Aunt Pauline and a fantastic meal!

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