Friday, 13 May 2011

Knitting Beads

So, I'm out of beads for my current shawl project and although more are on the way, for the moment I can't work on it, so I decided to play a bit with the beading technique I learned from Betsy Hershberg. Here are four new beads I have made.

I don't have any of the fancy tape yarn that she told us about, so I used some tape yarn I got from a grab bag/freebie. Unfortunately it is a bit too big to fit easily through my cheapo beads, so I am not willing to work any harder to make an additional red knitted bead. The beads are actually about the size shown. (My experiments with a smaller bead were disastrous.)

The gold ball is made with some gold colored crochet thread and gold beads. I put too many stitches on the needles for that one and it is lumpy and has a mobile skin. The green (moldy cheese) beads are made with some soy-silk tape that I got as a sample with my last yarn order. I just can't tell if these are the tackiest looking things I've ever seen or whether the right person can carry them off. (Maybe both are true!)

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