Sunday, 11 February 2007

Versatile modified

My sister (when she was eight) repeatedly insisted that versatile meant "full of eggs". I don't know if she was precocious and already suggesting a female alternative to the masculine concept of cojones or whether she just liked the idea, but our painting assignment this week after the fearsome purple onions has been the fearsome organic eggs. At the moment I am very versatile meaning to me full of (it with eggs- in German "die Nase voll haben" - to have the nose full (of eggs? yuck!!)) and although I intensely disliked my first egg picture, the second is growong upon me with the distance of having painted it earlier (and not wanting to face painting yet a third version- there are only so many eggs you can pullout of your, er... nose).

Here is the second egg image (I'll try to post number one when I get a chance to photograph it - it is currently at the Painting studio rather than in easy access of my camera).

I worked on the eggs a tiny bit today. Here is another photo.

It was a bad painting day. My teacher didn't like this egg picture at all and wasn't crazy about the other one which has smaller more real looking eggs. I was crabby and didn't feel like working, so I did touch ups but since my eggs had been moved, I couldn't really do any observation painting. I guess I'll be doing a third version soon.


min said...

You are versatile!! Love them eggs! When are you going to paint sushi?

Purpleworms said...

I think I'll leave sushi to you. Now cod balls, that would be a fun project!!