Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Minnesota Wild Life

My sister and I used to take walks together and take pictures. It was always fun to do these photo walks because even though we would ooh and ah at the same things and often point our cameras the same direction, we would inevitably end up with different photos and the being together spurred us each on to find unsuspected creativity. It was so much fun to return home and compare photos and see that each of us had captured such different but wonderful images.

This week I have been taking a break from work and so yesterday I took the time to go out and shoot some photos. Of course it was not nearly as fun because my sister is thousands of miles away and the dog just doesn't show an interest in photography. Still, there were a few images worth saving and I thought I would put them on the blog for her and anyone else who is interested to see.

The most exciting thing I saw did not make a good picture, but if you look carefully on the branch you'll see a grouse. (I was with the 800 pound dog - so there was no hope of crawling over the huge snow bank to get any closer - sorry for the quality here!)

Snow and pine cones - a lovely textural contrast!

This was a tree by the lake - the dried grass blades produced another textural contrast with the rough trunk.

The snow in the evergreen trees made snowflake patterns.

Naturally my existentialist -prone husband loves sumac because it is a palindrome. This photo is for him. It looks like the sumac is waiting for someone.

Of course my sister's favorite wild life picture would probably be the following!


Beccy said...

Great photos, love the boots!

min said...

OH! You opened up the comments, hooray!
Are those my boots?

Love the photos! What's that grouse eating? Take more pictures! I love looking at yours, I'll have to post some for you.

Purpleworms said...

I can't wait! Your pictures are always so fun or artistic (or both!)

ChrisB said...

I just love all your photos please keep them coming