Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Art That I Choose to Paint

So, suddenly I'm at the cross roads. I've worked on technique and now am being set free to choose my own style and my own objects. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Today i was not completely free since we had had a sugested topic of a favorite object and an "in the style of" our favorite painter.(Of course I quickly realized I have no interest in painting like my favorite painters, so I decided to work with noted painters and do a series instead. I toyed (haha) with several different options for favorite object including a rubber/plastic glow in the dark jelly fish and this really cool pig night-light that Don had bought while I was in Australia, but I settled on three spindles that had some homespun yarn on them. After much indecision I chose Cezanne to imitate and found only a landscape in a general book on art for a model. I set to work and ended up midway through with a painting that looked more like a Van Gogh than a Cezanne and as I worked it became less like either painter's works and more like what I have been doing all along.Although I hated what I was doing during class, things seemed to get better and currently I love the rich colors of this picture. I wonder if I should think about playing with those extremely saturated colors for a while. Without further ado here is today's work (not necessarily finished, but up so that my art friends can talk to me about (help me with) my direction.)


min said...

I think they look quite Cezannish. This style suits you. What's coming up next?

Purpleworms said...

Gosh I wish I knew!!