Thursday, 30 June 2016

Weekend Trip to New York

So, I took a family trip to New York this last weekend and thought I's put up a few pictures to show what I saw and experienced.

In the plane I sat next to a lovely woman who was originally from Liberia. She didn't want to sit by the window, so I traded seats with her and that gave me the opportunity to  take some aerial photos.

 As we got close to the city, this is what I saw out of the window. Unfortunately I was once again on the wrong side of the plane to see the city, but I still got a couple of good shots.

And I caught this one by zooming my camera in on the porthole across the aisle on the other side of the plane. I am sort of proud of the shot.

On the runway there was another opportunity to take pictures.

We stayed in a hotel not too far from Times Square called The Time.

The reception was desserted when I arrived. There was this video projection of  kaleidoscopic images and old fashioned telephone, but you had to go up a floor to get to the registration desk.

The room was minimalist in tone with dark grey walls.

The bathroom was also dark and understated.

The lamps were the most interesting part of the room, lthough that one in the right hand corner, gave me no end of grief as it hung about 4 feet off the ground in the foyer area.  There was no table under it and so I had a tendency to run into the darned thing.

Evidently I wasn't the only one as there were little plastic figures inside the light globe that used to stand in a circle under the bulb.  Someone ran into the fixture one time (at least) too many and so only one figure remained standing. The rest were in a heap at the bottom of the globe.

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