Saturday, 13 February 2016

Personality Tests

Facebook knows we are suckers for those what character are you in Twilight tests that purport to tell us something about our personalities. So I took two today that I thought were pretty good. Of course if you post to Facebook that you took them they put a big add for the test rather than reporting who you are these days, so I thought I would post my results here. (Just for honesty's sake I was Willow in the Buffyverse quiz not long ago - but it asked really obvious questions, like what color is your hair and are you geeky, into killing things or a fashionista - you can kind of guess what character goes with what!)

Anyway, I was happy with the results of my first test which asked about color memory. I've been told they give everybody 100% on these tests, but I guess I still want to believe that I remembered the colors of things in the famous paintings they asked us about.  I love that they use a black and white photo to report to you about your abilities to remember colors!

Of course I have no where near a photographic memory, but I think I am pretty good with colors!

The second test should not have surprised me, but it did. We had to answer questions like which way do we cross our legs or our arms and what we saw in pictures.  I consider myself fairly analytical so I was sure I was giving all the left brain scientific-styled answers, but instead I got this.

It is a bit simplistic of course (see I do have that left brain aspect after all!) but I was happy to see that my sense of my own creativity could be reinforced.

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