Monday, 1 September 2014

The Rail to Inverness

So after dozing in the London common room of the organization we will work with, we discovered that we had been in the wrong time zone and almost missed getting to the train station in time.

We did get there on time and of course since we left at 8 PM, it was dark and we couldn't really see any of the landscape.

When te sun began to rise we were already in Scotland. I watched the sun rise near Edinburgh and then started taking pictures. The mist was rising off the fields and although I couldn't get sharp pictures because of the lack of light, I di get beautiful impressionistic paintings.

This is a hay field and you can vaguely see the furrows in front of the mists.

I think the colors are so magnetic.

The hay was being made for winter.

Of course it wouldn't be Scotland without sheep.

As we proceeded farther north we saw frost along the sides of the meadows.

There were some very rustic houses on the wy (none of which I was really able to capture as we raced by.)

I also saw a deer in the field.

There were brooks wending their way through the landscape.

Often we would pass by old fences, in which many of the slats were no longer there. They made very interesting looking dividers.

As we got farther north, it got hillier.

And we also began to see the heather.  It looked like big areas of rock, but was actually living plants.

We passed larger rivers and bridges.

And lots of heather.

It was a glorious morning and the landscape sparkled beautifully.

When we disembarked at the Inverness grain station, we saw this very cute railroad garden.

We actually had had to sit on the tracks for a while because of an accident or break down in the middle of the night, so we arrived about an hour late, but this also meant we got to see more of the countryside in the daylight.

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