Thursday, 4 September 2014

First Day in Inverness

We arrived in Inverness in the midst of the devolution debate. You can see all the yes signs (meaning break away from the U.K.)

Of course not everyone agrees.

It was a bit overcast when we arrived, but still beautiful!

Afyer leaving our luggage at the B & B (with an absolutely lovely woman named Lisa), we headed off to explore the city until we could check in officially.

One of the first things we visited was this pretty grave yard.

There was an old lordly crypt of some kind with skulls and cross bones on it.

Here is a more distant view of the structure.

The sign in the yard indicated that this was the Old High Church

The sun had come out and the day was brilliant and the graveyard picturesque.

We both had a wonderful time wandering around.

Some of the things we saw were amusing, like this plastic butcher outside the establishment.

In the center of town is a redone castle that is full of grandeur, although just a little too even and slick to impose.

From the top you get a lovely view of the town.

Across the river was the Cathedral.

And I was sure I saw the Loch Ness monster in the loch, even though Violet said it wasn't.

Okay, well maybe it was sticks and swans and a little bit of photoshop out there, but it could be, right?

Throughout Scotland we heard bagpipes and saw the pipers.

The best thing we did that day was go to Girvans and have lunch.

Although no t impressive on the outside, it may have been the best meal we had in Scotland.

Especially the desserts, although we were told by our neighbors that we had missed the real extra-special dessert and should have ordered the Sticky Toffee pudding. We had carrot cake and Bakewell Tart.  The latter is made with jam and is absolutely delicious.

Then it was back to our B & B, for unpacking and  relaxing a bit. Isn't it adorable?

I highly recommend the Cedar Villa if you need a place to stay in Inverness.  

While shopping we ran into these precious soaps of Highland coos and sheep.

 In the evening we walked along the Loch and observed the wildlife.

Here is a place where there are islands in the Loch.

On the way home we got to see the lit up bridge.

Our first day had been very special and it was followed by others that were just as great!

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