Sunday, 18 August 2013

Swatches from Classes

Here are the swatches from my classes.

The first is for our Thursday class, Magical Mosaics with Ginger Luters.

From right to left are the following patterns that we did in class. Our first model (far left) - our second practice model (center) which we then had to modify in some way. I mirror imaged the second practice pattern. The far left pattern (which you can't see very well) is the one I designed when we were set free. That was the part of class that I found the most interesting.

I don't have the swatch from Myra's Short Rows class because it is small, stockinette and thus curls. I need to add to it a bit before it will be worth photographing. Here however is what I did in the Easy as Pi class. The patterning is our own decision in terms of what to put where.

I think it is sort of interesting in a floral kind of way.

Finally here is the swatch from the Swing class. This will be a scarf when it is done and I only got the first segment done in two classes, but my scarf now consists of almost six of these segments. (If you look closely you'll see that they are done in doubles that mirror each other, so there are one and a half completions in the photo and I am closing in on my 3rd completion at present.

I was able to actually knit without the pattern yesterday in the car when I realized I had not remembered to bring the pattern. I guess I've got the "swing"™of things at last.

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