Sunday, 18 August 2013

Last Days in Marburg

Near the end of our conference we had a special session in Marburg's castle and then a fine dinner in a restaurant. This was our destination (No doubt the Burg in the city's name.)

We walked through the town up the hill and passed many interesting things.

If you look at the arch in the picture above you will notice that it is protected by three magical beings.

I was a bit surprised to see the decorations on this building, but assume because they are mirrored that this is from a medieval renaissance time period and have nothing to do with the events of the 1930s.


We (or at least I) were sweating plenty by the time we reached the top of the  road. Here is the inner court yard to the Burg.

I was quite taken by this lovely carving.

Inside we had the opportunity to hear our keynote speakers, who focused on the works of Stanley Kubrick.

Here are our very busy conference organizers Angela Krewani and Karen Ritzzenhof - who did a marvelous job of keeping things running smoothly.

We had the pleasure of a presentation by the person running the Kubrick archive in London.

The view from the Burg was beautiful of course.

We had a spirited discussion at the restaurant.

The meal was a little slow (which can be expected with that many people) and delicious - and since it was Spargel season we had to have asparagus!

Before we knew what had happened it was time to say our good byes! (But it had been a very productive conference. I'll let you know when the book comes out! (wink!))

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