Sunday, 11 August 2013

Stitches Midwest

We're SO busy, there's no time for blogging, so this is going to be  bare outline (maybe with more words added later!

Wednesday evening was peaceful and it was cool to see a few of the teachers in the lobby relaxing and preparing for the big knit in!

Our first class was with Ginger Luters - Magical Mosaics.  She showed us how to do the basic technique as well as gave us tips on how to design our own work. I'm looking forward to playing with this a bit when I have a chance to catch my breath!  The class was fairly simple, but got more complex just toward the end. Ginger was more serious than I expected, but she has an absolutely lovely smile. Doesn't she!?

Here are som examples of the kinds of things we did and can do.

Here is the swatch I did for Ginger's class

After class we ate dinner at a wonderful Greek restaurant.  (No pictures - I was tired.)

Friday we only had one class.  Tuck, Twist and Roll with Candace Eisner Strick.  I didn't have high expectations of this one, because I couldn't figure out from the description actually what we would be doing.  It was an absolutely fabulous class and Ms. Eisner Strick has a fabulous sense of humor.

What we did could be used to embellish things on the surface of the knitting - doing little flaps and rolls. The swatch looks a little weird, but I thoroughly enjoyed the class and recommend it highly.  Here is our swatch for that class.

After Candace's class we had a delicious Indian meal at Gaylord's. I love tht the only sign for it is on the road. Here is the building.

Here is our meal.


I know you need a close up!

And dessert!

The market was more sparsely occupied this year - both in terms of clients and vendors. This woman wears a different unusual costume every day. She is from the grinning Gryphen.

From our room window in the evening we can look down at the fountains. Every night an egret pops in and looks for late dinner. It is pleasant to watch her feed as we knit contentedly  in our rooms.

Stay tuned for day 3.

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