Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Redecorating in My Head

Someone on my social networking site posted some rooms with the question about what was Good, bad or otherwise. One room really bothered me - it was cluttered and had a variety of furniture styles and so many colors that my head hurt.

I just couldn't resist rethinking it. So I set to work on photoshop. First I had to get rid of some of the clutter - remove a few pictures and reduce the size of the corner table. And what's with the combination of zen, barock and rustic country elements? How many colors can you have in one room, red, blue, green, lilac, gold and black (and let's add a yellow coffee table ornament while we are at it!) So my next step was to try to unify the color scheme a bit. I live in a cold climate, so I wanted some brighter colors, but maybe not quite that many. Here is what I came up with.

After looking at both of them for awhile for some reason the original seemed cheerier. Here is a side by side comparison:

It made me wonder if it was the colors I didn't like or if there was something else going on, so I tried a different set of colors:

What do you think? I almost wonder if I don't like the original version better. The continuation of the white table and seating actually looked cleaner and in our winter drabs maybe all those colors aren't so bad after all. (Especially if you take out some of the clutter.) I guess it's good that I'm not an interior designer! Still it is fun to dream!

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Lj said...

I love the color and how it plays off the white. I like the large painting in blue/red. Ahhh but it still is waaaay too girly for me.

My current abode is very girly, Though not as bright as what you dream. ,Being afflicted with a bit of SAD the more light the better for me in this not quite the northern climate as you. But my bed room has a pink rug and the ceiling and drapes are pink also. Whata you gonna do? The rents right.