Thursday, 30 December 2010

"I sometimes wonder if I exist myself."

As most of you who follow this blog know, every other year we tend to go down to Texas to visit the family. This means that it gets harder and harder to find new and exciting sights to visit in the Corpus area. I know some people could see the Lexington every year for the rest of their lives, but my martial interests don't extend much beyond the development of air technology via hot air balloon.

I very proudly wrote my friend Popeye-x in San Antonio that I had located the Alamo, but for some reason he seemed dubious.

I was sure my Alamo was better than his. After all, his alamo couldn't possibly have such a wonderful decor ... such as classically clad Grecian (well um - pseudo-Grecian) beauties....

And does his silly old San Antonio Alamo have....

gargoyles? I think not. So I was quite confident that I had won the argument until he sent me this:

For those of you that know me, you will have immediately realized that I was totally conquered. Mick Jagger and I go way back and of course what could possibly trump Bill Wyman in a Coon Skin Davy Crockett cap?

I would need to find another stupendous sight. One of my sisters (the one who told me that Austin was bigger than Chicago) told me there was a really cool rhinoceros in Corpus, so she drove me around all over the place only to let me know at the end that we'd missed it somehow. Evidently Corpus is rapidly approaching Chicagoan size too.

We did however find this rhino:

I was quite surprised when my other sister told me there was indeed a rhino in Corpus and she would take me to see it. She then proceeded to drive around in the same aimless pattern the other sister had. After turning back she informed me we had missed it somehow. (I don't know why that sounded familiar, but I was beginning to suspect a conspiracy.)

Well, on the way home she got very excited. I was fully prepared to be made the buffoon victim of yet another Chicago joke. The rhinoceros, I was told, had to be behind that fence.

I was supposed to walk into some wealthy person's yard and look through the holes in the fence. Note the slits in the wall. Because it was private property, I gingerly snuck over to the slit on the far left. I looked quickly preparing to scamper back if I should see people out sunbathing by the pool or a shot gun pointed in my general direction. I looked again. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say. Were they pulling my leg, or did they really think that this was a rhinoceros?

There was no shot gun and no sunbathing, thank goodness, but in that whole walled enclosure, do you see anything resembling a rhinoceros? Okay, so just to be sure, I moved over to a slit on the right. Hmmm... okay, well, maybe... or I really was the butt of some elaborate and large joke?

As I found yet another slit, it was confirmed - this indeed looked like a rhinoceros.

Running around the corner to the left, I peeked through a slit on the street side and there it was in full splendor.

Austin was indeed as big as Chicago and all was right with the world. On the way home we gave a busker some money to share our holiday joy.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you found the secret Sumo training facility which appears to be guarded well. The slits in the fence, as I recall from my Sumo days, are an exercise in stealth.

The Rhinoceros looks like it would hide two Sumo trainees if there were a breach in security.

I live in Arizona near some Indian ruins but they won't top either Alamo picture. We do get blazing horizons in the mornings and evenings more often then not though. I'd show you but sunrises or sunsets are hard to photograph. Just when you snap the shutter the sun moves and creates another different breath taking scene.

I've come to realize God's beauty is all around if we take the time to see it. Happy New Year sis!!!