Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Birds I missed

On the way home from Texas we saw lots of hawks. Unfortunately all I could catch was this...

(Obviously not hawks). Of course we were hurtling through space at 60 (plus) miles per hour, so I guess I should be satisfied with the memory and any blurred trace I could manage to capture. My first attempts managed only a few empty branches. (No time to aim or focus.) We saw a golden eagle and I didn't even bother to raise the camera. I was entranced by her beauty and wanted to be sure to appreciate her rather than grab another shot of empty air.
Here is the image from Wikipedia.

Ours was in a tree, but you could clearly see the brown color and the yellow beak. It had the mottled white spots here and there on the chest too.

With left Texas and I kept pracitising and missed all the birds in Oklahoma and Missouri, but in Iowa with a little luck I managed to catch the tree that had this bird.

And I got a closer shot but no focus on this hawk:

My best one was this one, but it is also completely out of focus.

These were easier to catch for some reason.

While others take pictures of the bridges of Madison county, I was more taken with their dilapidated barns.

I missed some great shots of these too, but still there were a few whose beauty seemed to make the world stop even just a moment.

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