Sunday, 24 April 2016

State of the drawings

Hmm, I am supposed to have 11 finished drawings by the end of the semester and I have been struggling to find a 10th and an 11th. As noted earlier, the class has been doing self portraits in the style of other artists. I decided I needed to expand my medium, so I have been working with charcolal and K├Ąthe Kollwitz. None of my sketches really resemble her masterful work and in factthe more I do, the less they resemble her stuff, but I did a third charcoal sketch today and figure I can count the three self-portraits as drawing number 10.  I did work on the first sketch and overhaul it a bit today too.  Todays sketch  is here.

To make it more Kollwitz-like I added dark on the dark side and I don't think I like it better, but worse.

You may remember my first sketch. The face was too narrow.

I've adjusted the eyes and broadened the chin and cheeks - unfortuantely now the crown of the head is too squat, but it is a better drawing.

So the big question was what to do fot the final project. I was so uninspired that I decided to try something completely different. I found a photo of a bunch of women from the 20s seated for a group portrait, but was really taken by their hands and legs, so I decided to do those. I need to clean up the hands, but I kind of like this:

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