Saturday, 7 November 2015

Film and History Conference 2015 Madison

Here are a random assortment of images from the Film and History Conference in Madison this year (2015).

Here are a few panels I visited:

Of course we did our usual dinner at the Peruvian Restaurant Crandalls.

There was a book signing on Friday and everyone wanted to get pictures taken with Gaylyn Studlar.

Here's the Rowman Littlefiled book exhibit.


Saturday there was a Farmer's Market in Madison with lots of vegetables, artisan breads and goodies.

There was music, like this country band, complete with washboard player.

Asa an Autumn market there were many Fall vegetables featured: squashes, brussel sprouts and lots of tubers.

Lots of people were walking around with these bouquets of ornamental cabbage.

These are lavender cookies. They have a very unusual color.

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