Sunday, 4 October 2015

Not Quite Home Beautiful!

Okay, so I finally got around to clearing out a lot of the extra stuff in the bedroom. When you are writing a book (or two) it is easy for papers and journals and books to start piling up everywhere, and alas the bedroom was no exception. In fact it was the epicenter. When books start taking up the shelves, and closets then the clothes have to go somewhere else and pretty soon I was slitherong between piles of notes for chapter three and not quite dirty clothes (you know, those ones that you'll wear one more time around the house, but you can't tomorrow because you have to go to the office..., well, maybe you don't  do that, yeah, maybe I have a problem).

Anyway it was getting crowded in there, so I finally moved everything to other rooms (thus cluttering up the rest of the house, but man, does it feel good to be in the bedroom! It feels so spacious and roomy and almost like House Beuatiful.

So I took some pictures and was astonished at how cluttered it looks in the pics.

 I guess it is all relative and a question of degree. Still for the moment I am breathing free in there. Now I just have to move the stuff in the living rooms and study to some other place. I wonder if I should buy a second house!

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