Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sacramento Walk Part 2

So, after exploring the campus we headed back toward downtown, but on the way we stopped at whatever seemed interesting. One such interesting place was an art gallery called Fe because it housed the Ironworks we had passed on the way in.

They had a beautiful courtyard area with lots of iron pieces and a fountain.

It was quite an appealing place with its dappled shade and objets d'arts. The exhibits inside were also interesting, including some black light paintings (not pictured) and various sculptural pieces.


This artist liked to use doll's heads or pieces of cherub's bodies in his work.


 The iron artist had this statement about his work (unfortunately I don't think the website works, but contact Fe Gallery in Sacramento if you are interested in something - they are wonderful people and eager to help.)

They gave us a chance to take a look at the back room where the iron work is done. It was amazing.

Here was a piece that was evidently being worked on. Very steam punk with all the twisty-pointy things.

Look at these marvelous tools - each one is a work of art in itself!

We rode the train home. There are always such interesting people on the train. In Sacramento you are allowed to ride the the train with your bike. In fact often there were as many bikes on the train as people.

We decided to have lunch at this marvelous little place on the way home. This place had terrific food and the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. (Link will be added here soon I promise!)


(The patio had a woman with an adorable little dog, so they are pet friendly too!)

It looked like there was some kind of disco or dance place on the upper level. I was fascinated by the red lights hanging from the ceiling in front of the sound "booth".

Here's what that fantastic cake looks like. They use lots of fresh ingredients that are locally grown. The carrot soup is also quite delicious.

And then it was time to go home.  This is a shot out the window of the train. It says Sacramento to me, because of the palms and the style of the houses.

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