Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Walk in Sacramento (part 1)

So the next day we were all tired. We had gotten in late because of weather delays, and so the first part of the morning was spent in getting organized.

That gave me a chance to explore the grounds of my friends' new digs.

 We did the morning paper ritual.

and then it was off to explore....

We took the train to Sacramento State Campus so I would know where to go.  There are all kinds of lovely murals around the city. I snapped this one out the train window.

After we got off the train we passed this "ironworks".

To me this just screams "California" with the long strips of buildings, the bright colors the traffic lights and the sun.

The campus was fairly large and planted with lots of beautiful redwoods.  This is the library where I will be starting my conferential journey tomorrow

 Since my family is library focused, (Many people in my family are or have been library workers), I wanted to see the library.  They have all kinds of interesting art in the library as well as a gallery (which alas was in between shows).

What a way to spend eternity, reading in such a pleasant art filled environment.

"I sense books!!"  (Look at that determination! )

One of the walls of the library had this very interesting technology inspired wall piece.

There is also a little Japanese tea garden alongside the library.  This may be where I wil celebrate the tea ceremony.

Near the buiding where my conference is being held there was a rock garden. (Literally a rock garden. The rocks were all labelled with numbers - perhaps for the geology department. It was quite lovely actually. I'll have to try and get a better photo later.

Then it was off to explore the area.

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