Wednesday, 4 December 2013

People at the Film History Conference, Madison

Here are some shots of Madison. While we were there it got sunnier, but also colder. There was  a hitching post outside the hotel that was fascinating.

Here's what the town looks like in the sunshine.

Of course I didn't get out of there without buying jewelry - there was a terrific sale at this one store that was going out of business.

Unfortunately I still haven't gotten my new lens. (My old lens is not working properly - as you can see - since many of the shots are out of focus.) Nonetheless, here is a group of us that went out to dinner together at a Peruvian restaurant named Randall's.



All the paper presentations I went to were wonderful.

Many of us gathered in the bar afterwards for stimulating discussions.

The keynote speaker this year was David Bordwell. He gave us a review of the state of media from silents until the present, with some useful data on the current state of film and video projection.

After the keynote address, many of us went off to see the second Hunger Games film. (What else would film scholars want to do in their free time?)

And finally I give you the person who organized our panels and made the whole event a success for us.

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