Sunday, 27 May 2012

Various Garden Issues

Here is a better shot of one of those large moths that is flitting around my shrubs.

Project for the day to weed 1/8th of this flower bed. I think it is an overly ambitious project since it is FULL of weeds.

Here is what I mean - If you look at this next shot you will see that the bed is "wall-to-wall" weeds!

So I set to work, but it has gotten muggy and hot, so I did not get my full 1/8 done today. Anyway, it is starting to look a bit better, but is quite a bit of work. I still need to get some mulch on. I got exactly 3 petunias and the Icelandic poppies transplanted before I wore out. At this rate, I might get all of my annuals planted by December 12th!

Here is an interesting contraption that my sister gave me.  It is a seed pot maker. Of course I read the instructions and did it all wrong - came up with a lot of crumbled strips of newspaper. It too k my sister on the phone and step by step instructions to figure out how to work it, but here is my first pot!!  Now I've got to find some seeds!

Finally this is the obligatory driveway update! 

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