Friday, 25 May 2012

All is Well - In the Garden

So today I engaged in an orgy of plant buying. I went to three different nurseries and ended up with all of these plants

Actually that isn't all of them. I also bought a shrub rose and three trees:

On the left is a weeping Spruce. The middle is an Evans Bali Cherry and on the left is THE LARCH (also a weeping variety). It's very exciting!  I planted the rose bush and one other set of plants that I haven't mentioned yet. I also got three elephant ears from my Mom and Sister.  Unfortunately I managed to pull the leaves off of most of them before I even got them planted, but each got its own pot after it passed dog inspection.

Just so you can admire the beauty of these specimens, I am enlarging them. Aimeé says the pass! I'm not so sure, but I suspect that they'll pull through okay if I quite torturing them.

The garden is starting to look great. The iris are beginning to bloom and I have been working on weeding out the grass. We've been getting lots of rain, so the plants are pretty happy.

We had this visitor in the garden yesterday. He's about the size of a hummingbird and just about as active.

He moved so fast that I couldn't get a real good picture.

Anyway, tomorrow we will begin digging holes for the trees and it should be a good day for the iris after the strong rains. I hoping to get some really nice pictures! (So stay tuned.)

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