Thursday, 2 February 2012

Update on third attempt of Bottle City

Okay, I did a tiny bit of work on the third series (Fifth picture) On the left you can see what I had at the end of class. On the right you might notice a couple of changes. The right image isn't as accurate a photograph, (both should have about equal contrast!) (Click on the picture to see the full version with the whole of the image on the right.)

So, what difference is there? I did a bit of rendering around the central figure and lightened some shadows. I also moved those two vertical lines that bothered me so that the image was not cut so clearly by the bottles on either side of the figure.We'll see what the teacher has to say tomorrow!

Updated version. The teacher liked it better than the prior drawings but didn't feel it was finished. I've sat in front of it a bit now and just really don't know where to go with it, but this is what i have for now!

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